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Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover

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Mary Bentley-LaMar

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TARGET III - Building Your Economic Legacy

Alpha Kappa Alpha will emphasize financial planning, asset accumulation, and wealth building including savings and investments, managing debt, and improving credit.

Personal Financial Planning and Asset Accumulation - Financial Freedom Legacy Workshops will be conducted in partnership with local certified financial planners who will share information on saving, investing, and retirement planning.  Chapters will train community residents on ways to perform financial assessments to achieve their financial goals.

Credit Repair and Monitoring - This initiative will focus on ways to repair credit and improve credit scores including how to check for inaccurate or outdated information in credit reports, and how to protect against both identity theft and unauthorized credit history use.

Entrepreneurship and the Black Dollar 365 - This initiative will highlight and promote successful African-American owned businesses with an aim toward spawning new entrepreneurial ventures in our communities by encouraging intentional support and leveraging the power of the black dollar 365 days a year.

Operation AKA Assist - This initiative will focus on implementing programs to assist those in need in various communities by directing attention to the plight of the homeless, including homeless children and homeless veterans.  Chapters will partner with or adopt a shelter, a transitional home, or an organization that provides assistance to these needy populations. 


Money Mondays

Each Monday Xi Sigma Omega presents a podcast that talks about money, financial wisdom, wealth building, and how to reach your financial goals.  For weekly insight, go to our Facebook. We have a link conveniently placed at th bottom of the left money menu bar here on this website.  

Meet AKApreneurs/Entrepreneur Darrilyn Vassar-Jackson, LCSW-C

"Life Coaching isn't just about getting your 'business of affairs' in order, but your 'business of consumption', too! What do I mean? Managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet are timely, expensive, and can be confusing, but I am here to help. Check out my site and services, and let's get connected on how I can help you live a more fruitful life."
Delicious Life Coach (Facebook Page)

Our Past Work

Parenting Workshop Series

Childhood Hunger Drives and Donations

Seasonal Wraps/Sleeping Bags Drives and Donations

Joint Ventures with Tri-Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

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